Natural and transparent Hyti

Hyti – is glass in a contemporary form that encapsulates the feeling of walking barefoot on morning dew.

At times the sun shines, at times a cutting wind blows, but the moment the sole of your foot touches the ground is always pure and immediate. You may be far from your homeland but this feeling still remains – somewhere.

The designer of Hyti, Anne-Liis Leht is from Hiiumaa. She recharges herself and derives inspiration from walking in the natural environment of Hiiumaa – even when she is working in a studio in the northern Tallinn suburb of Kalamaja. Even the name of the brand is derived from a place in Hiiumaa – Hüti is where the first glass factory in Estonia operated in the 17th century.

The Hyti brand represents simplicity, functionality, the uniqueness of a hand-made object and the small voice that provokes the joy of recognition or surprise. In a world saturated with mass-production a master’s touch, a personal connection between an object, its creator and user has once again become valued.

Due to the fact that glass is technically a complicated material, comfort of use demands more attention in the development of the product. Regardless of the complexity of the challenge or, in fact, because of it, Anne-Liis’ passion is designing dinnerware. The greatest challenge is to design distinctive objects that large-scale production does not allow.

Hyti’s mission is to acknowledge the advantages of glass over modern artificial materials. Glass is beautiful, clean and recyclable and it does not change the flavour of food.